North Hard Hat Review

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North Hard Hat Features:

  • ANSI Type I/CSA Type 1, Class E Compliant
  • Hard hat with rain through and HDPE outer shell
  • Quick fit adjustment, 4 point nylon pin-lock suspension
  • 3 level height adjustment and accessory slots


I bought this one from Canadian Tire cause I’m from Canada and it was only $9.49 CAD. Which is less than 7$ USD. So if you are in the USA, I guess you can buy that hard hat for that price too.

It is labeled as STANLEY, but on the inside of the hat it’s written NORTH label, so I guess Stanley is selling North hard hats… they are exactly the same.

I don’t think I could get a better hat for the price. I looked around in other stores and they were all at least $14.99, so I’m pretty happy with this buy. And I had like $5 of Canadian Tire money, so I had to pay only like $6.

It’s easy to adjust and there are also accessory slots on each side so you could attach something to it like a light, a GoPro or anything else.

Here’s a video I made unpacking it:

Here’s what’s written on the packaging.

WARNING: Failure of proper care and inspection of your safety equipment may result in serious personal injury or death.

INSPECTION AND SERVICE LIFE: Visually inspect the hard hat for cracking and gouging, paying close attention to the edges of the hard hat. Replace the hard hat immediately if there are any cracks, holes or gouges in the plastic shell. If the hard hat suffers from any type of impact/impalement, or any type of fall greater than 8 feet, replace the hard hat immediately, even if there is not any visible cracking or damage. Visually inspect the suspension. Check all parts to ensure that the fabric is not frayed or torn, and that the plastic parts are not cracked or damaged. If the suspension is damaged or exhibits signs of excessive wear (fraying, tearing or cracking), then replace the suspension IMMEDIATELY. We recommend the maximum sevire life of a hard hat to be 5 years for the shell and 1 year for the suspension. This timeframe is based upon the date the hard hat is put into service, not the manufacture date.

CARE AND STORAGE: Do not alter the original components of the hard hat in any way other than instructed from the manufacturer. Do not drill holes in the safety hat. Do not apply paint, solvents, adhesives, or self adhesives labels to the hat. Hard hats should be stored in a place where they will not come into contact with degrading elements (i.e. Chemicals, UV radiation). The hard hat can be cleaned by gently washing it with warm, mild, soapy water.


Don’t buy before you read this

If you are looking into buying this hard hat, take a look at the price on Amazon first. Do this before going to your local hardware store cause you could have a better price online. Most of the time you can even get free shipping to your door which is, in my opinion, pretty cool! I always love receiving stuff to my door, don’t you?

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