Black & Decker LDX120PK Cordless Drill Kit Review

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Black & Decker LDX120PK Features:

  • Voltage: 20 Volts
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • 11 Position Clutch
  • 66 hand tools and accessories included
  • Total weight: 10 pounds
  • Best Price: $79.99


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable torque
  • Bits included are fairly good
  • Good starter tool kit


  • Lack of power when you need some
  • No spare battery included
  • Carrying bag(we like hard cases, bags sucks)

Unboxing this tool kit was like opening a new toy when I was a kid. The packaging just feels like that. Once everything was out the box, I was still thinking it was toys… until I took the hammer and give myself a shot on the finger. Then I figured out they were actually tools! Hey, I could build something with this I’m sure.

Looks like it’s actually drilling like the real tools!

Then I got outside and built a nice greenhouse in my garden. Right down to the top! Everything! Ok, I had to recharge the battery a few times but it surprised me.

This said, drilling through large pieces of wood was somewhat hard to do with that drill. I think I was having a harder time because of the lack of power. But hey, I can’t complain, it did the job.

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What I liked

I liked that it was lightweight and the accessories included were savior every single minutes of this job.

It’s a great starter kit for someone who never had tools and wants to build something.

Don’t buy before you read this

You know what, you could go to your local hardware store to find this tool kit. But you should take a look at Amazon price before you go to your local store. They even offer free shipping most of the time. Personaly and like more and more people, I love receiving my stuff by mail. I don’t have to go to the store and pay more.

Anyway, most people I know are now ordering almost everything from Amazon now, it’s unbeatable!

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