Black & Decker LCS1240 40 volt Cordless Chainsaw Review

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Black & Decker LCS1240 Features:

  • Blade length: 12 inches
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • Voltage: 40 Volt
  • Automatic bar oil system
  • Tool-free chain adjustments
  • Weight with battery: 8.6 lbs. (3.7 kg.)
  • Best Price: $195.68


  • No power cord or gasoline to deal with.
  • No need to start the engine, works right off the switch.
  • Powerful enough to cut a good size tree. I’d say it can bring down a 10 inches tree quite easily.
  • Easy maintenance.


  • You need to recharge the battery.

I bought this cordless chainsaw from Amazon and it came in very fast. I received it the very next day after it was shipped.

I have trees and wood to cut. For my needs, it’s perfect. I’d say you can cut enough wood with a full battery to heat a house for two days.

Here’s a video of how it performs

It’s lightweight and easy to use. I would say it’s more secure than a gasoline one cause the kick back is low on this tool. You don’t get tired as fast as working with a gasoline one, those are sometimes heavy. Even a weak person can use this saw.

It’s perfect for the person who have some wood cutting to do on his or her property. Like trimming trees, cleaning your land, etc… It’s probably not the best choice if you have to cut a very large pile of wood fast or if you cut wood for a living.

How long lasts the battery?

You can easily use this saw for up to 45 minutes. Enough time to do quite some work! Super fun to use.

Always wear glasses to protect your eyes when you use this chainsaw.

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Which bar oil to use?

You must keep bar oil in the reservoir all the time. Don’t run your chainsaw without bar oil.

I used Spring/Summer Chainsaw Bar Oil even if it’s winter over here. The oil last longer in the reservoir cause the oil is thicker. I used this MotoMaster brand. Works great, the stuff is nice red-pink color!


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