South Shore City Life TV Stand Review

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South Shore City Life Features:



  • Easy to build for 2 person. 1 person buildable.
  • Nice look.
  • Hidden storage with nice smoked window doors.


  • Wires are apparent in the back of the first shelf.

We were looking to buy a new tv stand and ended up buying the chocolate color even though the price was a little higher. We bought it on Amazon. We looked into Ikea, Sears, Wal-Mart, Furniture Stores, we had enough of losing our time checking for this. So we went online and found a tv stand in our budget limitations and look. So we saw this one and thought it would fill our needs.

We choose the Free Shipping option, they were telling us that is would be faster with a paid shipping, but that was like 119$ we had to pay more. So we decided to choose the Free Shipping option even if they said it was like 2 more days to receive. We you know what, we ordered on the weekend and we received the stand on Tuesday at 4PM.


The box is tall and heavy, you have to be two people to carry it or a very strong man.

I just dropped the box on the floor and open it. Plans were right on top of the materials and there was a box with the hardware/tool.IMG_20160308_161854

Note that you will need a screwdriver to build your stand. I used a Philips #2 but hardware is made to accept other types of screwdrivers.

The plans were clear, everything was there included spare parts and the wood finish was in perfect condition.IMG_20160308_164628

Everything assembled easily except the door hinges. I managed to install them, but they were harder to screw in than the rest. I used my cordless drill as well to screw in everything.


It took about 45 minutes to build everything all alone. But I could have taken my time and do this longer. Anyway, I was excited to see the result.


Me, my wife and daughters are very happy with the results. It looks a lot better than our previous installation and the TV is 5 inches higher too, so it’s great. I think we’ll use this stand for at least 10 years, maybe more.

Here are some pictures of our South Shore City Life TV Stand, Chocolate color

IMG_20160309_085622 IMG_20160309_085652

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I would have appreciated that there was something that hides the wires in the back of the first shelf, but that’s the only negative thing I have to say and I can solve this easily with zip wraps or something else.

Don’t buy before you read this

If you are into buying this tv stand unit furniture, you should take a look at the price on Amazon. Maybe you already check it on this website and this is why you are making this search. We are currently using this stand in our living room and everyone loves it. I don’ see why you wouldn’t like it yourself if you have a big screen in your house. I know we could bought it on the Wal-Mart website, the very same stand. Price was lower but there was a $50 fee for shipping. So it was cheaper at Amazon.

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