Ice Auger Strikemaster ice fishing Mora Hand Review


King Rating: king_rating_4_crowns4.2

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I used this auger and made about 2 dozen holes with it. I got the 6 inches version and it’s hard to make a hole. You get exhausted fast. I’ve made hole in more than 12 inches of ice. When I use this thing, I really wish I had a battery version or a better cordless drill to make holes. I used it with my small drill, it worked but drill will probably stop working for too heavy load.


  •  Sharp blades
  • Adjustable Handle
  • No slip soft rubber grip.


  • Performs poorly in thick ice.

This said, it’s working great and do the job. If you have to make a hole in 6 inches of ice, it’s easy to do it with this. In thicker ice, I would recommend a powered version.

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I used the Auger Drill Adapter to connect my drill on it. It works perfectly. I Highly recommend if you have a very powerfull cordless drill. But be careful, you can blow up smaller cordless drill that most people own.


Please, note that the drill on this picture is not a powerfull enough drill to use a Auger that is 6 inches or more. Maybe even with a 4 inches auger you could blow up your drill.


Best Price: $57.96

Weight: 6 lbs.

Adjustable Handle: 48″ – 57″

Available Sizes: 6, 7 and 8 inches

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